Five Main Benefits Of Planting Trees On Your Yard

Planting flowers of shrubs is a great way of adding some green to your yard; however, planning trees will make a more significant difference for not only your garden but your home as a whole. If you are needing a great tree service company in fort worth tree removal and serviceOf the many gardening or landscaping options you may consider, trees offer remarkable benefits that include:

1. Tree Add Value To Your Home

Landscaping and gardening as some of the things that you can do to increase the value of your home. In most cases, a front yard is the first thing people see when they visit your home. As such, it is necessary to keep your garden looking beautiful and neat most importantly if you intend to sell your home. A poorly-maintained garden only dents your efforts for making a quick sale let alone a profitable one.

It may be argued that elaborate gardens may not necessarily add value to your home, but they are notable elements that make the home standout. As such, planting trees can help increase your homes value. Having mature trees are more desirable in your garden creating the impression of a well-maintained home. But it can take a tree five or more years to fully mature, and this can increase your homes value by 5% – 20% by just improves the curb appeal.

2. Trees Can Help You Save On Energy Bills

The hot summers may be a dreaded period especially if your home is located in a way that it gets a lot of direct sunlight. The heat during those days can be unbearable, and running the air conditioner on a high cooling setting through the day may seem like a given option. Having a few mature trees in your yard may be the short-term solution you need. If you need a tree service to plant you some trees all under a great price range you can visit tree service fort worth, great quality work. Trees with ample foliage and a wide canopy offer enough shade for your home thus lowering the need to run the AC during the day.

Moreover, the trees may also help minimize the cold of those chilly winter days. They act as a shield that breaks up the cold winds that help make your home a bit warm. In short, the trees will help you save on energy bills by minimizing the need to run your air conditioner by nearly 20% – 50%. The U.S. Department of Agriculture did research that found a single healthy young tree provides a net cooling effect equal to that of ten room-sized ACs running nearly an entire day. Add to that the shade the tree provides, and you will note that planting trees is a relatively low-cost investment that offers huge energy saving benefits.

3. Trees Improve The Air Quality

One of the natural roles that all plants have is to purify the air that we breathe by absorbing sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Plant produce both oxygen and carbon dioxide; producing more of the former than the latter. They absorb carbon dioxide during the day to produce high amounts of oxygen thus helping to improve the air quality in your home. According to research, a healthy tree produces around 260 pounds of pure oxygen annually. You, on the other hand, use up around 386 pounds of oxygen annually. In short, one tree can produce more than half the amount of oxygen you need to live. So, plant trees in your garden and help to improve the air quality in your home.

4. Tree Can Help You Relax

According to some studies on the effects trees have on our health, it was found that they do have some legitimate stress-relieving benefits. The Texas A&M University did research that found it was possible for some of the participants to experience lower levels of stress within five minutes of looking at a tree. Another study found that communities that have planted trees have a lower crime rate and people that experience fewer bouts of anxiety that those who live in areas with fewer trees. So, planting trees in your yard can help you feel relaxed while also provide some privacy.

5. Tree Beautify Your Home

Planting trees will not only add to the aesthetics of your yard but your home in general. A single tree can make a huge difference on the overall presentation of your garden. Avoid pruning your young trees too much though trimming the dead branches as the trees mature ensures they grow to be the beautiful plants you need in your garden. If you have too many trees and need a great tree service company to take care of all your tree care needs you can go check out tree removal fort worth.

Do some research before you start planting your trees so that you know which types will suit your garden. Some trees thrive best in certain climates, have a particular foliage and canopy size, and grow to a specific height. Such issues will influence that final look that the trees will give your yard. Also, know how the roots of the trees you desire to grow spread to avoid problems such as damaging your home’s foundation of the pavements. Irrespective these issues, planting trees can have a positive impact on your lawn.

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